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I come from Silicon Valley where I was part of three startups:  one went public, one was acquired, and one crashed and burned.  I love all aspects of growing an idea through launch and then building it in the marketplace. Usually, I focus on product, working with customers to understand their needs and translates these into a product. But, in a startup one does many things. As such I have done everything from be a part of the management team to assembling IKEA furniture.

Currently, I live in the Netherlands where I work both with large companies and entrepreneurs helping them to launch and scale businesses.  I have run accelerator programs for entrepreneurs and intrapraneurs along with working with management teams to get their own teams moving faster.  


I have also consulted many of the world’s leading organizations on growth and profitability strategies.  After receiving my MBA from The Harvard Business School, I worked at BCG.  I later worked at Razorfish as a Senior Strategist where I advised corporate clients on how to profitably use the Internet to further their corporate goals. Finally, I have extensive experience in international development (World Health Organization, the World Bank, TechnoServe, and as a consultant to several other international development organizations).


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