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Workshops & Training

Get a hands-on, personalized experience to build core skills for your team and organization around customer discovery, product, and innovation.  Make actual progress on what is important to your team.  Get your team aligned around moving forward with a common vision and language.  

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Public Workshops

If you are an individual or a small group and want to up-level your skills, join my public workshop: Build Better Products With Customer Insights.  The class is currently rated at 10/10 stars.  You'll learn how to:

     Build products that solve real customer problems

     Identify the most valuable customer insights

     Focus on customer problems instead of non-

     validated solutions 

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Product Vision Sprint

A Strong Product Vision is at the heart of any good company.  Product Vision Sprints are a fun, fast-paced week-long session where you, your team, and a designer will develop a storyboard of your target customer experience 3-5 years in the future.  This process aligns and brings into clarity what your company is aiming to achieve in the world.



When you want 1:1 support to help you step up fully. When you want to remain in the driver’s seat but want a sounding board and an advisor on how to grow your company better.  When you are the one who needs to be the change for a new and better way of working in your organization and would like some help doing that.  

Christina Beckmann

Vice President, Global Strategy

Adventure Travel Trade Association


"Janet's experience supporting innovation in both large and small company contexts was invaluable to us.  She brought creativity and corporate perspective to our business.  In our carbon removal space where businesses are writing new playbooks, the ability to leverage experience while not being held back by it, is key.   Janet is thorough, thoughtful, and precise.  She asks insightful questions and is fun to work with on top of it all."

Christina Beckmann

Vice President, Global Strategy

Adventure Travel Trade Association

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