I help teams figure out what their customer really want and how to use that knowledge to build a better product or service.  You can hire me for customer insight and strategy work.  Or you can hire me to help set yourself up to bring more customer input into your product development process.  



I help organizations become more entrepreneurial, more effective, and more empowered.  (And frankly, happier).  I can work with you to design an innovation program which can unlock the creativity and purpose in your teams.  And I can help you transition from a top-down traditional company to a more entrepreneurial and agile company.  

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Get a hands-on, personalized experience to build core skills for your team and organization around customer discovery, product, and innovation.  Make actual progress on what is important to your team.  Get your team aligned around moving forward with a common vision and language.  


I believe the best way to build a strategy is from the ground-up.  Clearly understanding what your customers want, where the competitors are, and what your core strengths are.  Then, combining this with the macro-trends in your space, we can come up with what your next moves should be. I combine data-driven analysis with what your passion and vision for the future is.

"Janet's experience supporting innovation in both large and small company contexts was invaluable to us.  She brought creativity and corporate perspective to our business.  In our carbon removal space where businesses are writing new playbooks, the ability to leverage experience while not being held back by it, is key.   Janet is thorough, thoughtful, and precise.  She asks insightful questions and is fun to work with on top of it all."

Christina Beckmann

Vice President, Global Strategy

Adventure Travel Trade Association